Chakras Flavors Process


In Ayurvedic yoga philosophy, each chakra is associated with specific foods, including herbs, spices and essential oils. Deriving our inspiration from these flavors, we create unique blends for each vape that best capture that chakra’s essence. From concept to flavor creation, we use detailed scientific procedures to preserve the pure tastes of the raw ingredients. We then put our products through rigorous flavor assessment and feedback processes in order to bring you only the most mouthwatering combinations.

Chakras Flavors Process Chakras Flavors Process


Steam distillation is the process we use to isolate the essential oils from a variety of natural aromatic compounds. This method maintains the delicate flavor of materials that might otherwise be adversely affected by the application of heat. The resulting oils are pure and potently mouthwatering, and are ultimately combined into the luscious, proprietary blends that make CHAKRAS vapes so memorable.


A rating system is used to evaluate the strength of top, mid and base notes of each flavorelement.

Chakras Flavors Process Chakras Flavors Process


Our favorite flavor combinations are shared with our team of expert cannasseurs in pursuit of honest feedback. This dialogue helps facilitate fine-tuning and results in the most delicious final product possible.


The strongest flavor profiles are chosen.

Chakras Flavors Process Chakras Flavors Process


At CHAKRAS, we feel our devotion to our method speaks for itself. At the end of our feedback and refinement process, our team has personally tasted the products and concluded they are delectable enough to represent our commitment to excellence in the marketplace.

We think you’ll simply love our chakra-inspired flavors, and here’s why…

Far beyond tantalizing your senses, our vapes will elevate your mind, body and soul. With every inhalation, you’ll feel propelled to seek out your version of spiritual bliss. Innovative flavor combinations will expand your horizons, and subsequently, the universe as you know it. We may each walk our own individual paths to transcendence, but we hope CHAKRAS can create a supportive environment that fosters learning and growing together along the way. Let our Spiritual Guide be the first stop on your journey to enlightenment.

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