Chakras Flavors Process

Our Inspiration

In Ayurveda yoga philosophy, each chakra is traditionally associated with an array of foods, essential oils, herbs, and spices. We are inspired to research these elements to create unique flavor profiles that embody the essence of each chakra. We then take our inspiration and go through the following process. We start with Flavor Planning, then Flavor Creation, Assesment, Feedback, Selection, and finally Validation.

Chakras Flavors Process Chakras Flavors Process Chakras Flavors Process

Flavor Planning

Flavors are created using steam distillation techniques and mixed into unique, memorable combinations.


A rating system is used to evaluate the strength of top, mid and base notes of each flavorelement.


Top flavor mixes are shared with others for feedback and refinement.


The strongest flavor profiles are chosen.

Chakras Flavors Process Chakras Flavors Process


The flavors speak for themselves. We've personally tasted and validated our marvelous flavors ourselves.

We Love Our Chakra Inspired Flavors, and here why you should too.

It's more than flavor, its inspiration to take your universe and your spirituality to another level. We want you to join us on our journey to transcendence, check out our spirit guide and learn how to bridge this world into the next. Chakras Spirit Guide