Emily Meyers

Emily Meyers is a passionate and results-oriented executive with expertise in product development, operations, and marketing.


As a leader who fuses creative, commercial and social capital to achieve results, Emily has achieved a track record as a serial entrepreneur with a focus on socially conscious business featuring a double bottom line - people and profit. She also brings Fortune 500-level experience to the table through management positions with General Electric and Bank of America.


In addition to founding CHAKRAS, Emily built Greenly, a premium cannabis delivery service with over 12K members. This experience provides an in depth understanding of cannabis retail operations, which is an asset to CHAKRAS.


Emily is active in a wide array of industry organizations. At the local level she founded the LA Delivery Alliance and was one of the original members of the Southern California Cannabis Coalition. Her commitment to community led her to organize several cannabis meetup groups that have grown to over 2.5K members. At the state level, she serves on the California Cannabis Industry Association’s Manufacturing and Retail Committees.


Emily has an MBA from Indiana University and an MFA from the UCLA Film School where she focused on New Media - web and mobile technology.


Emily had a mystical experience when she was 17. This led her to study yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism and Sanskrit in college. Her quest to learn about spiritual traditions has become a lifelong journey, leading her to live in temples around the world and become a yoga instructor. Her practice and teachings are centered on tantra yoga and philosophy. Emily leads Higher Self Yoga (www.higherself-yoga.com) a ganja yoga program with over 500 members. Built on the fundamentals of yoga philosophy, her classes provide a foundation in the Eight Limbs of Yoga and the Chakra System. Emily is also an ordained minister, Reiki Master and trained in Zen, Vipassana and Vedic meditation techniques.


Emily grew-up in Indiana with a sign reading Elysian Fields above the drive symbolizing the idyllic environment her parents strived to create. She built and raced boats with her father and remains a competitive sailboat racer. Emily (then known as Garden) finished high school early and lived on a psychedelic school bus that traveled on Grateful Dead tour and to rainbow gatherings before college. Some of her favorite books are The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga (Carl Jung), Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life (Shantideva) and Inner Engineering (Sadhguru). Interests include Jungian shadow psychology, behavioral economics, and flow science.