Our Vision

Cannabis is an all natural plant medicine that can also be a tool for spiritual development. We strive to create a sophisticated and deeply satisfying cannabis experience for our customers, offering benefits that go beyond the traditional understanding of its uses. In order to accomplish this, we seek the most reputable craft farmers to cultivate top quality, vibrant flower using sustainable, eco-friendly methods. When it comes to our great-tasting vape pens, we source only clean green certified oils from our premium partners, resulting in a healthier, more inspired end result. Our goal is to create superior products and grow our business with honesty and integrity.

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Stay up to date with our new blog. We’ll share anecdotes and lessons from our spiritual explorations in order to empower you to pursue your own essential nature. Check back often for the latest in Chakra and medical cannabis-based spirituality.

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Higher Self Yoga

The yoga program that CHAKRAS supports is based on the fundamentals of yoga philosophy. Each class in the curriculum is focused on the 8 Limbs of Yoga and the 7 Chakra System. Here at CHAKRAS, we are proud to live, breathe and share yoga each and every day.

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Chakras Values

Our Values

At CHAKRAS, we want to do everything we can to support our vision. That begins with building a thriving business providing the purest and most exceptional vape products on the market. As we spread the knowledge of how to use CHAKRAS as a tool for becoming your best self and finding spiritual bliss, we want to supplement that with the finest artisan cannabis grown in harmony with Mother Nature. We work with small farmers who take pride in the expertise they bring to their craft, and who utilize sustainable, organic practices to encourage healthy soils and produce a superior product.

Good Citizens

We’re out to improve the life of everyone we touch. Yes, everyone.


We are a Benefit Corporation. We are out to make a positive impact on society. So much so that we are willing to formalize our commitment to do social good publicly. Businesses have a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on employees, the community, and the environment. To underscore this commitment, we will make our CHAKRAS Annual Benefits Report available on our site so you can see all the ways we are bringing this to life.

Emily Meyers. Entrepreneur. Yogi. Explorer.

Emily is a serial entrepreneur focused on socially conscious business. She has an MBA from Indiana University and MFA from UCLA.

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Team Members: Unlimited, free yoga! Yes, it’s true. Our Team members enjoy access to free yoga in addition to our CHAKRAS Professional Development Program covers the costs of educational programs by 50%+. This might be an MBA course or reiki.

Customers: We will always strive to exceed your expectations

Business Partners: We are motivated by cooperation more than competition. We believe in working together to improve regulations, business practices and educational resources for all. *

Community: We embody this primarily by bringing yoga to the world through Higher Self Yoga. One of our goals to take yoga to underserved communities where people might not experience it otherwise.


We are committed to earth-friendly business practices and pushing the envelope to minimize our carbon footprint.